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Vocational Training

Generally in villages especially the persons who earn money by doing daily labor are having limited time to concentrate on may important life situations. They mechanically were attending for the daily work and never spare time for family affairs. So naturally they are in confusion to their child with mental retardation is Karma or some devils act ore disease. So they generally follow the instructions of other who may have less knowledge on mental retardation. In our observation many parents vexed by approaching man ‘persons with superficial knowledge’ and finally they choose wrong actions such as fastening their children to trees, cots, big boulders etc. The parents are thinking that the affected child is useless member of family and never get corrected. We counseled many parents and try our level best to get rid of misconceptions and teach many techniques to cope up with stress. Here we give them hope by starting vocation unit in village for their adult mentally challenged.

Socio- economic rehabilitation of mentally challenged is promoted through the services of vocational training and job  placement. Adult mentally challenged are placed in generic training initially and pm-the-job training subsequently . On- the-job training caries from the mentally challenged to the other depending upon the job opportunities  available to the mentally challenged in the locality where he lives, Long term support is provided to the trainee till he/she is able to carry on the job independently at the site where the job is located.

The training unit was started at Sunlight Educational Society with an aim that vocational training services are to be utilized for exploring the abilities of trainees with mental retardation. In identifying their attitude, work endurance and work tolerance. At present Sunlight Educational Society has started few trades to develop work endurance, work tolerance in trainees and those are.

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