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Significant Achievements/ New Activities Taken Up
Admission to both Hostlers and day- scholars and increased to 60.
Mid- day meal provided to every trainee.
Free meals are provided for old and poor persons.
Financial help for surgical correction for physical problems (Polio-Mellitus, Paralsis, cerebral palace etc.) is provided for poor physically handicapped.
Hearing Aids are supplied for free of cot to poor persons having hearing problems.
Financial helps for poor physically handicapped is provided for attending higher studies.
Conducted awareness programs at rural areas.
Conducted orientation program to parents and siblings.
Coordinated with government programs.
Collaborated work with Government programs such as Pulse-Polio, Janmaboomi and Multi-purpose identification cards as cheuutha program.
Sunlight Educational Society has completed its 15th year of service; it is already provided its service to more than tree thousand persons.
To give training in vocational trades to achieve or improve occupational potency in mentally challenged.

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